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What is Drought Tolerant Landscaping?

Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Like many, you may be wondering what exactly drought tolerant landscaping is.

With our current climate conditions of increasing warmth and less moisture, more residents of the Antelope Valley are becoming interested in replacing their high-maintenance with water-conserving plants. And with up to 50% of our water being used outdoors, it's important that the water that we are using is being used wisely. Drought tolerant landscaping is perfect for accomplishing just that.

Drought tolerant landscaping, also known as xeriscaping, consists of of plants that require little to no water. Not only are these plants low maintenance and water-efficient, they also provide many other benefits such as restored soil health, increased diversity to promote a healthy ecosystem and they enhance your home's aesthetic beauty by blending in with the natural lanscapes found here in the Antelope Valley.

By getting rid of your lawn and replacing it with drought tolerant landscaping, you will not only drastically reduce your outdoor water waste, you will also save yourself from a whole lot of maintenance as well.

Interested in creating a drought tolerant landscape for your home? Start by taking a look at our landscape ideas then check out our list of local landscaping and nursery companies that can help you get started.