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Water Conservation

When most people think water conservation, most think that the less water you use, the better. While this is true overall, did you know that not all water use is the same?

While water used indoors is mostly recycled, water used outdoors is often lost due to natural occurrences such as evaporation, making outdoor water conservation that much more important. In fact, about one-half of all the water consumed is used outdoors for lawn and garden irrigation, washing the car and cleaning the driveway and sidewalks.

On average, American's use about 160 gallons of water each day at a cost of just 27 cents and an average Antelope Valley household with a family of 4 uses approximately 6,266 gallons of water per week.

Not sure what exactly constitutes water waste? Most water waste is due to over spray of sprinkler systems and inefficient landscape irrigation. By taking just a few small steps to help prevent water waste in your yard, you could save hundreds of gallons of water.

Here are some easy tips and tricks for conserving more water outdoors:
  • Try deactivating your automatic sprinkler system and operating it manually and make adjustments your sprinklers so they do not spray the sidewalks, driveway or street.
  • Install a drip irrigation for shrubs and for your garden, this will help you decide where you want the water to go and when you want it to go there.
  • Having longer grass reduces the amount of evaporation, adjust the blade settings on your lawn mower a notch higher.
  • Try using bark, peat moss or gravel to cover bare ground in gardens and around trees. Not only does it add to your garden's aesthetics, mulching will help keep moisture in the ground.